Acne Facial

$95 (1 Hour)

An excellent treatment for teenage and adult acne– a great custom treatment that addresses inflammation, bacteria, and cell turnover. These three components are key to helping the skin in its journey to functioning on a normal level. We use a combination of salicylic, mandelic, and lactic acids to soften pores and accelerate cellular turnover. The treatment promotes skin healing with the use of Blue LED light therapy, which kills the P. acnes bacteria, calms inflammation and promotes healing.


- For Teenagers and Adults -

We came up with the Customized Acne Club to help acne sufferers get a hold of their acne issues.

It became evident that prescribing topical and oral medications were not always enough. Most acne clients need guidance on how to properly take care of their skin and education on what is happening to their skin.

With the Acne Club, Timeless Rejuvenation has deeply discounted our prices so that our clients may be able to come on a weekly basis during a one month span. During these treatments, our Estheticians’ will perform an appropriate acne treatment designed for you.

Teen Acne Club
$200.00 a Month
Paid at the beginning of each 4-week period.
If a client has to cancel in less than a 24-hour span or does not show up for their appointment, that appointment is forfeited. No refunds on treatments, packages or gift certificates.

Once the acne has become manageable the client will no longer need to come once a week and can back off to every other week, every three weeks, once a month and on.... With good home care instilled, our clients will be on their own to use good judgement and hygiene. We can always start up the club again, if need be.

ALL NEW CLIENTS  please sign up for the "Fresh Start Consultation & Treatment" before booking individual treatments to assess your skin care needs. At this time, our team will educate you on how your skin is functioning, skin care products and customize treatment goals.


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