Diminish Signs of Aging

How much do you know about skin care’s best and brightest, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs)?

Derived from food and plant-based sources, these alpha ingredients have something for every skin. AHAs are highly effective multi-taskers whose main strength is exfoliation. They work by dissolving the cellular glue that binds dead skin cells together and encouraging them to shed off, making room for healthy new cells. AHAs significantly improve skin condition by smoothing, tightening, firming, thickening and brightening. They help promote the production of collagen and elastin, lift excess pigment, clear and refine pores, and diminish signs of aging.

In a clinical study that tested the efficacy of alpha hydroxy acids on photo-aging, subjects saw a 25% increase in dermal thickness with improved quality of elasticity and greater density of collagen after treatment for an average of six months.Read More »Diminish Signs of Aging

Not Just Any Vitamin C Will Do!

With my clients, I always suggest natural ways to assist their beauty regime at home. Here is one you want to remember…Vitamin C DAILY!

But it can not be just ANY Vitamin C.

L-Ascorbic Acid is the only form of Vitamin C that can be utilized directly by the skin. It is highly absorbable when applied topically and can offer concentrations of 200 times or more within skin tissues than Vitamin C that is taken internally. L-Ascorbic Acid is one of the few compounds that have shown to be of both short and long-term benefits to the skin in more than one thousand clinical studies.Read More »Not Just Any Vitamin C Will Do!

Toxic or TERRIFIC?

Triclosan – a TOXIC Antibacterial Skin Care Ingredient

Who knew that cleaning your skin could harm your health and the environment? Thanks to the chemical industry, a hazardous antibacterial compound called triclosan is now an ingredient in many household and personal care products – such as soaps, cleansers and cosmetics.

While consumers might think triclosan can protect them from harmful bacteria, it turns out that the use of this dangerous chemical in household products isno more effective than soap and water – and may be doing more harm than good.Read More »Toxic or TERRIFIC?