Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup

After many years, we're pleased to announce the return of one of our favorite makeup lines!

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Nature's Sunshine 

Nature gives us everything we need to thrive, and as we care for our planet, it will continue taking care of us for generations to come.

Purity, First and Foremost

We keep it simple, using only the cleanest, purest ingredients for your health. That means Non-GM0, organic and regenerative whenever possible, and rejecting anything that doesn’t meet our exacting, industry-leading standards. Our strict specifications often mean we reject raw materials that others will use.

Made Right... Right Here

We believe if you want it done right, you do it yourself. We manufacture our products in our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, where our in-house Quality Control team performs over 600 quality tests across our product line to ensure you get the most potent and effective product that nature can offer. And with NSF, CGMP, USDA Organic, TGA, Kosher, Halal and ISO-9001 certifications, we’re not the only ones who think we’re doing it right.

Sunshine Botanicals 

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At Sunshine Botanicals, we believe in clinical skincare - from a botanical perspective! Think herbal medicine meets corrective skin care…healthy, effective, plant based solutions for aging and problem skin conditions!

We are a 3rd party verified “Made in America” green beauty brand - certified and verified - and that is a big deal to us, to consumers and to Katrinas customers!!

Sunshine Botanicals takes a naturopathic approach to results oriented skin care. Our skin care systems are deeply rooted in nature – with the science to back them up.  “Micro-brewed” production methods and wildcrafted ingredients insure freshness and potency, and we incorporate natures’ most powerful and well researched medicinal plants, enzymes and cutting edge nutraceuticals to deliver impressive results quickly.

We’re ingredient snobs:  And you should be, too! We are always looking for the highest quality ingredients available for our all our original formulations. We choose to wildcraft our plant ingredients and search for the absolute best Mother Nature has to offer.

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What About “Star” Ingredients?

Our products are not built around “star” ingredients surrounded by bland fillers. Although “star” ingredients may be found in some of Sunshine Botanicals formulations, our pure botanical extracts  will always be balanced with highly nutritious skin corrective ingredients such as enzymes, amino acids, essential fatty acids and peptides to  provide powerful, highly nutritive, non-toxic skin care formulations that deliver impressive results – quickly.

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