Facial Treatments


Intensive Skin Care Consultation

$50 ( ½ Hour )

Need some professional skin care advice, but are not ready for a treatment?

With an Intensive Skin Care Consultation, a medical esthetician will evaluate your skin’s needs and any concerns you may have. We will educate you on how your skin is functioning, photographically document your skin, provide an ingredient breakdown of your current products, and recommend custom facial and/or laser treatment options. Please bring your current products to your appointment.

“Fresh Start” Consultation Facial / Peel Treatment

$95 to $150 (1 ½ Hours)

If you are new to Timeless Rejuvenation, this appointment is for you!  Your Fresh Start includes a FREE intensive skin care analysis, plus a customized facial w/ LED light therapy or peel treatment.  Enjoy 90 minutes of valuable, personalized education and rejuvenation with a Fresh Start.

10% OFF product purchase at the time of your first treatment!  

Facials & Services

Timeless Facial
$95 (1 Hour)

The ideal custom facial experience! A gentle exfoliation removes dead skin cells, allowing for better product penetration and a smoother you. Pore cleansing and extractions keep your skin tip top. Red LED light in conjunction with peptides and anti-oxidant therapy will boost your skin – leaving you looking and feeling radiant. And let us not forget the blissful face, arm, hand and neck massage!

Acne Facial
$95 (1 Hour)

An excellent treatment for teenage and adult acne. We use a combination of Salicylic, Mandelic, and Lactic acids to soften pores and accelerate cell turnover. The treatment promotes skin healing with the use of Blue LED light therapy, which kills the P. acnes bacteria, reduces inflammation and promotes healing. *For those who need a more intensive approach, check our “Acne Club.”

  • Teenage Acne
  • Adult Acne

Rosacea Facial
$95 (1 Hour)

Don’t ignore the red bumps and flushing face! Get instant relief with healing LED light therapy along with special botanicals that target the Demodex Mite and reduces the inflammatory response. A relaxing and soothing approach that will leave you calm, cool and collected. *IPL treatments are also a fantastic way to control rosacea flair ups and remove those unwanted capillaries. A custom program including both modalities may be right for you.