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Standalone treatments or combinations of three

Eyes and Brows

PMU: Powder Brows:
Discover the art of Powder Brows, a semi-permanent makeup technique that creates soft, beautifully defined eyebrows. Whether you desire a subtle enhancement or a bolder look, our skilled artist will customize the perfect shape and color to complement your unique style. Wake up with flawless brows every day.


PMU: Eyelash Enhancement:
Enhance the allure of your eyes with our Eyelash Enhancement service. This semi-permanent technique adds definition and volume to your lashes, making them appear thicker and darker. Say goodbye to smudged mascara and hello to effortlessly captivating eyes, day and night.


PMU: Eyeliner:
Elevate your gaze with our expertly applied semi-permanent eyeliner. Whether you prefer a subtle, natural line or a more dramatic look, our skilled artist will work with you to achieve your desired style. Wake up with perfectly defined eyes and enjoy a hassle-free beauty routine.

Permanent Lip Makeup

PMU: Lip Blushing:
Experience the magic of Lip Blushing, a semi-permanent makeup treatment that adds a touch of color and definition to your lips. Whether you're seeking a natural flush or a more vibrant shade, our artist will create the perfect look that complements your features. Say goodbye to smudged lipstick and hello to effortlessly beautiful lips.

Ombre Brows

PMU: Ombre Brows:
Step into the world of Ombre Brows, where artistry meets beauty. Our Ombre Brows service offers a semi-permanent solution to create the perfect gradient effect, with soft, natural beginnings and defined, bolder arches. This technique ensures your eyebrows look effortlessly polished and in vogue, framing your face with elegance and precision. Say goodbye to daily brow maintenance and hello to the timeless allure of Ombre Brows.


PMU: Winged Liner:
Elevate your eye makeup game with our Winged Liner service. This timeless and classic style never goes out of fashion and can instantly add a touch of drama and sophistication to your look. Our skilled artist will create the perfect winged eyeliner that suits your unique style, enhancing the natural beauty of your eyes. Say goodbye to the frustration of achieving the perfect wing on your own and hello to professionally executed, flawless winged liner every day.

Pink Makeup

PMU: Voluminous Lips:
Unleash the power of a confident pout with our Voluminous Lips service. Experience the magic of plump, luscious lips that turn heads and leave a lasting impression. Our expert artist will enhance your lip volume while maintaining a natural and balanced look that complements your unique features. Say goodbye to thin or uneven lips and hello to the allure of Voluminous Lips. Flaunt the perfect smile you've always wanted with our expert touch.

skin consultation

Fresh Start

Start your laser journey with a FREE laser clearance and consultation appointment with our in-house medical professional. North Carolina state law requires patients to be cleared by our on-site physician before undergoing all laser and IPL treatments.   Including: Laser / IPL Hair Removal, IPL Skin Rejuvenation, Fractional Laser Resurfacing, Stretch Mark Treatments, and Scar Revision.

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